High End Pet Products



Line of Credit Secured by Accounts Receivable and Inventory

Manufacturer of High-end Pet Products

The company is a manufacturer of high end pet products and in recent years, their business model has shifted from domestic production to imported product. The company has expanded its product lines and has seen significant growth in it’s existing customer base. The growth coupled with the longer productions cycles required for imported products has created the need for additional working capital. However, the company found itself scrambling for working capital to meet seasonal orders when it’s bank declined the line increase after a protracted loan request process. Southeastern was able to provide a $600,000 line increase as well as provide a borrowing base structure that mirrored the company’s seasonal needs. The result is a working capital facility that provided the required amount and structure for the company to process its surge in orders and just in time for the company to build inventory for its seasonal business in the Fall.