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At Southeastern Commercial Finance, we offer knowledgeable, professional working capital solutions through our three Functional Lending Areas.

Southeastern Direct Lending

Serves as a direct lending source for companies in the early stage, growth, and turnaround stages.  We provide Accounts Receivable and Inventory revolving lines of credit to small and middle market companies throughout the Southeast.  Since 1996, we’ve approved and funded over $600 million in working capital facilities to companies throughout the Southeast, with the majority of those companies graduating back to a traditional bank .  Our credit facilities are monitored through weekly Borrowing Base reports which provide our customers with instant access to their collateral availability. 

Southeastern Bank Participation Program

Allows our banking associates with community and regional financial institutions to offer working capital lines of credit by participating in our ABL monitored facilities.  In most cases, our banking partners source the transaction, structure the facility with Southeastern’s input, trust Southeastern to properly monitor and service the facility, and therefore gain additional outstandings and deposits.  Additional benefits include improved pricing for the customer, increased lending opportunities for our banking partners, and less regulatory pressure due to the additional monitoring.  Since 1996, we’ve participated more than $100 million with community and regional banks throughout the Southeast. 

Southeastern Credit Services
Provides our banking associates with loan monitoring, auditing, and troubled credit evaluation. This program has allowed banks greater control over their commercial loan portfolios, improved credit quality and allowed them to be truly competitive with many larger banking institutions in a secure, highly profitable commercial loan niche.  Additional services include credit analysis and underwriting training to lending and support staff.